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UNUM is the one platform built to support innovators from across the Department of Defense, academic, and venture communities who want to connect and collaborate. Communities, Challenges, and Connections provide national security innovators with a common set of tools for discovering and leveraging the power of the networks.

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Communities are technology and problem focused contexts for the exchange of knowledge and expertise. Challenges create opportunities to bring together those at the front-line of national security challenges with non-traditional innovators. People like you are at the heart of it all, part of new networks of innovators building the future of national security.


Contribute by posting ideas and receive support from experts who identify promising new solutions.


Discover events and promote your own to increase your reach across the network.


Grow your network by following members from outside your "home" community.

"The Massachusetts National Guard Patriot Pitch put our Soldiers and Airmen at the forefront of innovation and was designed to encourage and support our Army and Air National Guard personnel to submit their innovative ideas. These field-generated innovations focused on improving overall mission readiness, efficiencies in current operations, and our modernization efforts. They assisted in the execution of our Adjutant General's 'empowering innovation' priority, to drive innovation in all areas of the Massachusetts National Guard. Our success with Patriot Pitch would not have been possible without the NSIN team and the UNUM platform."
Brig Gen GreenAssistant Adjutant General-Air, MA NG
"UNUM helps the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) connect people, ideas, and resources by providing an interactive ideation platform. We have sourced six Soldier-developed, innovative ideas in the last five months through our UNUM challenges, giving Soldiers a voice and the opportunity to affect change. These ideas are informing and changing the way we approach preparing for future conflicts."
Lauren Hansen-Armendariz101st Airborne Division Deputy Innovation Officer
"I would like to sincerely thank the entire NSIN team for your exceptional support of our Corps Innovation Network. The creation and continued maintenance of the NSIN Innovation Portal has proved to be an amazing vehicle to get after XVIII ABN Corps' innovation goals while collaboratively showcasing our proud partnership with NSIN."
BG Bob RitchieACG-O, XVIII Airborne Corps
"The NSIN work has opened up a lot of opportunities for us as a business and for me personally – and shown us the value of what we do beyond our own immediate domain – whilst being able to help crack some of the problems for Defence and First Responders."
John TapsfieldEntrepreneur

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Jason Wallace

Phase Four

Phase Four will accelerate infrastructure expansion in space through the development of high performance plasma propulsion systems manufactured at scale, and the development of advanced propellants.


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Sophia Peabody

TEM - CyberHaven

Date: 07/27/2021Time: 1000 - 1100 Eastern TimeVendor: CyberHavenTechnology: CyberHaven Data TracingURL: https://www.cyberhaven.comCyberHaven was created/started after winning a 'Hacker Challenge' by DARPA 5 or 6 years ago. After winning DARPA asked if the engineers could build a product that wo


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AG Gregg

#52Weeks: Rapid Prototyping

Innovation and speed often go hand in hand. The ability to develop and deploy in an efficient and timely manner is essential.The innovation theory of rapid prototyping has evolved. A human-centered design principle rooted in exploring and quickly achieving concepts is often associated with manufactu