About UNUM

Out of Many, One.

UNUM is the collaboration and networking platform built by the National Security Innovation Network. Our new name invokes the spirit of the traditional Latin motto of the United States, e pluribus unum ("out of many, one").

UNUM brings together diverse innovators to connect, collaborate and create impact. Here you can connect with other innovation leaders from defense, academia and the venture community.

You can join technology focused problem-solving communities and learn more about new ventures that address both defense and commercial problems. And you can interact with prospective customers from DoD, as well as potential investors from the private sector.

Innovation has become essential to our national security and we must learn to face growing threats together. UNUM provides one platform for the many innovators who want to connect their purpose to the nation's progress.

Together, we can support those in need of new and better ways to serve their missions. Join UNUM and help those in harm's way benefit from the acceleration of innovation.